Roofing Debris Defenders Protection System

Shielding your home and landscaping from the roof debris!

Debris Defenders – your cleanup crusaders in roofing excellence!

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Roofing Debris Defenders in San Antonio, TX

At BH Roofing, Your Roofing Heroes, we’ve elevated debris management with our Roof Debris Defender System, featuring the revolutionary ‘Catch-All’ landscape protection. Our cutting-edge system, included at no additional charge, ensures your home and landscaping remain pristine by capturing all the debris amid roofing operations. The patented technology includes Chute Nets, supported by adaptable poles that gently guide any dislodged shingles safely away from your property’s valued features—like your cherished garden or summertime pool oasis—ensuring they don’t get damaged from our roofing services.

Moreover, our Ground Nets are engineered for durability, designed to be load-bearing and tear-resistant, complete with robust handles for efficient disposal of remnants and nails. These advanced nets are also breathable, promoting the health of your lawn while we safeguard your home.

Finally, no nail left behind! We swoop in with our magnetic shield and pickup all nails and metal debris that may have been left behind before we finish our job. We don’t want you to catch a nail in your tire the morning you go back to work! 


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